Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I chased the darkness eastbound
found solace in the miles
the past, present and future
thought and memory
commingling into one
and I danced and sang in the darkness
while the wind chilled my skin
and carried away my song
at the edges of twilight
on the crossroads of today
where the sea kissed the sky
and I laughed as all my broken pieces
were gathered together and reforged
into one cohesive whole
I never realized just how broken I was
until the Longest Night claimed me
when I stood at the edge of the water
dug my heels into the rocky shore
grounded myself as best I could
burned some lavender and sage
cleansed myself of all the impurities
shared a moment of silence with my consort
and thanked the Goddess and the God
as I threw my arms wide
to embrace the sky, the wind, the stars
and earned my name once more...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

i see you as you were
your younger self asserts itself
in the pauses and nuances
i remember your potential
and i reconcile it with what you have become
and my pride and joy comes from knowing
all that you have accomplished
from then til now
all great things
but even so
in a few small ways
i recognize
that my influence has
marked you
primed you
formed you
claimed you
so long ago
i love who you have become
with such fierce pride
since a little bit of me
gave rise to life within you
and i hope that for your sake
someone worthy will find you soon
who will see all that you have to offer
and walk with you on your path
to bolster you when you struggle
to nurture you when you need it
to help you recognize your own greatness
and take what you have become to new heights
because my pride and joy comes from seeing
just how far you have come
even as i know
how hard your road has been
you have stayed so strong and persevered
even in the face of such pain
you deserve greatness
walking by your side
i love who you have become
with such fierce pride

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...and you were destined
to be nothing more
than just words on a screen
dying out even as the phospors
tried to etch themselves into black.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it sounds like the sky is breaking each time thunder roars
but all i want to do is stand in the rain and sing to the storm
to witness the dance of lightning as it lances through the sky
a memory in the making and a reflection in my eye

Monday, June 18, 2007

there is a simple joy in laughter
that is shared for pleasure' sake
on the edges of the evening
in the tree-lined shore
we dance the circle
and make it ours
recreate it all
in love and trust
as the stars mark time
and skin glows pale
in light divine
seared by reds, and sealed with blues
by tooth and nail, love flows

i remember
the simple joys of laughter
shared for pleasure's sake
with love and trust

and i wonder
if i dreamed you into being
or were you always real

i feel...

you fit me perfectly

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i hear Her voice in the twilight of the evening...
i hear His voice in the twilight of false dawn;
but i hear Your voice all the time.

louder under no moon
when the twinkling of the stars
emphasizes the blackness of the void
loudest while in meditation of
the infinite possibilities within interstitial space

for i am Yours
at the beginning
Firstborn of the Void
Organized Chaos

at the end
Lastborn by They
given thought by the Father
given form by the Mother

but my joy comes from the Void
to be shared with those deemed worthy

(my life comes from the Void)

for then
for now
for ever

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

he said, come away with me
and i ran in the opposite direction
no discretion
wind in my face, slowing me down
until i stopped and looked around
questioned my knee-jerk response

i'll never stop running
until someone catches up to me
or until i run into someone

stumble and fall

he said, come away with me
and i stopped to listen
but he offered a noose and i value my neck
hasten, hasten
so i did what i was good at

i ran.